If You Insist on Falling, Make Sure to Fall Head First

Fallings always seems to be inevitable;
bloody knees and callous palms transform
into spirits shattered by boys in bowties .
I’ve fallen through open windows and out of Orange Trees,
cracked wrist bones on sidewalks,
cut into palm with Swiss Knives
begging childhood friends to stay forever.
I took a twisted pleasure from the pain;
heart beating against my ribcage and blood
pumping in my temple, the unnatural crimson of blood
on hot pavement, all proof of my mortality.
But I’ve always protected my head.
Never dove head first in life or in love
preferring instead to dip shy toes in new waters,
contemplating a million ways I could drown.
I saw what came of those who
risk their neck against an unforgiving current;
They sat head unsupported at kitchen tables
at the hours where children are asleep
and cry for someone who will never return.

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