It Was Always You Falling For Me

Away from the Big Apple we went
Back to the City of Love.
Calmly, we claim our baggages 
Determined to not repeat our previous mistakes.
Everything is old here, everyone is miserable.
For heaven’s sake, you say, snap out of it!
Grabbing and squeezing my hand you sung a sweet
Hymn of love and indulgence.
It’s astounding how unaffected you are when,
Just minutes ago, you were flirting with the flight attendant.
Keeping my lips to myself I hold you for the sake of balance.
Let us pretend for now, the
Moon casts a romantic light on everything, but soon
Night bows down to Morning and
Our sweet love is replaced by bitter regrets.
Packed and ready to go, I cast one last look your way
Questions whirling in my head,
Repressed feelings of insecurity flooding my mind. 
Sound asleep you know nothing of the heartache to come. 
Taxi! I yell.
Uncertainty clouds my brain.
Vite, vite! Hurry!
Well, it’s too late now, the taxi is leaving–I’m already gone. 
X-rated thoughts of us make me feel lost and wasted. 
Yet, like the Sun, I am at my

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