No Truths, All Lies

She woke up amidst lilies and lilacs,
her pockets full of silver and her head 
full of knowledge.
Her lips spoke of Heaven,
but her feet were always on their
way to Hell,
gracefully walking the path of 
Good Intentions.
In this world of giants she was no more
than a speck
aimlessly floating amongst
dancing particles of gold.
She wasn’t destined for greatness
nor was it thrusted upon her,
created only to obey the
commands of a shadow.
She didn’t exist beyond the 
confounds of bubbled letters
and the limits of a grade.
Her body was a prison
and her mind but a cage. 
Her senses were distorted
by a lack of practice;
Her vision only clear when 
She stared into the past.
Her voice mimicked that of 
those before her
as she dreamed of a summer long
turned cold.
She woke up amidst lilies and lilacs,
her pocket full of knowledge and her head
Full of gold.

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